Intercom Akasia : New technologies are available now

Intercom is not a new system. It was used at airports, shopping malls and large business facilities. But now it is common in small homes and residential buildings as well. Intercom Akasia has transformed now. Instead of conventional devices, now we have advanced systems, which are efficient and better in every way.

Video intercom system

The initial intercom devices were for voice communication only. However, now we have intercom with camera. It enables the user to see on the other side, where a display monitor is placed. Usually, a small display shows the face of the person standing at the door, if you are using video intercom at your gate.

The video intercom system offers better security and access control. You can not only talk to the person standing at your door but actually, see his face too. Video Intercom Akasia is getting popular because it offers better security.

Intercom Akasia

Wireless intercom

Previously wired intercom systems were common. Intercom installation of such systems was difficult as receivers were connected through the wire. With the advancement of technology, we have wireless intercom now.

Intercom Akasia wireless systems are available in different frequencies. You can easily get a wide range school intercom system and hikvision intercoms. The advancement of technology has led to the popularity of wireless gate intercom. They have reduced the cost of intercom installation as well.

Commax intercom complete home security system

Commax intercom is the leading manufacturer of the intercom devices. You can get a variety of gate intercom system from this company. The entrance station, security office device, guard panel and a wide range of similar devices is available.

Intercom Akasia

You can use any one of these devices or can use multiple devices in combination. But it all depends on your needs. BPT GSM intercom device can be enough for you, but for better security using more than one device is a good idea. Intercom Akasia guides these devices.

Kocom Intercom multi Entry video panel

Kocom Intercom is another giant in the industry. It offers advanced intercom systems. They have manufactured multi-entry video panels for their clients. These panels are usually installed in residential buildings. They enable users to have mutual calls. A person can open the door by using an I – button key. Moreover, you can recognize the visitor at night, as it has a white LED feature. Kocom intercom has introduced many other advanced devices.

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